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Recruitment and Staffing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

We fulfil your recruitment needs with our dedicated onsite or offsite Recruiters to cover all aspects from recruiting to on-boarding. Our RPO teams possess in-depth industry knowledge and can be relied upon it to meet hiring deadlines and needs. By outsourcing the recruitment process, our clients are able to focus on their other key business activities.

Outsourcing / Contract Staffing (IDL & DL)

We offer a flexible, scalable and hassle free services to cope with clients staffing situations such as sudden surge in manpower requirement, limited headcount approvals and short term projects. This allows our clients to save cost, to access a larger pool of talent and to accommodate with company’s focus change over time.

Permanent / Executive Search

We effectively target, source and identify the right candidates with specific skill set. Potential candidates will be further assessed by vigorous interview and screening session to ensure high quality and suitability. With the help of recruiting technology that we have, our clients can be assured of achieving optimum results.

Human Resource Services and Solutions


We provide accommodation close to our client’s place of business for our outstation contract workers. Our hostels fully comply with JTK and RBA requirements. All accommodations are well furnished with clean and proper amenities. Our workers’ health and safety is our utmost concern and we also take extensive preventive measures to manage COVID-19.


We provide payroll outsourcing services to employers who have limited resources and time to process their employee’s payroll. Our reliable payroll solutions streamline our clients’ payroll process, simplify administration and improve accuracy.


We serve service of transportation arrangement to all workers who do not have own transport. GPS is deployed to ensure timeliness and safe journey for workers. Our clients would not need to worry about the welfare of the workers as we will manage them effectively.

Other Services

HR Vendor Management

We manage our client’s HR vendor more efficiently to mitigate risks and optimize performance. Our system driven management ensures communication transparency and ease of access to all activities at all times.

HR Consulting

We work closely with our clients and provide professional HR consultation by using effective and structured methodology. The team is always ready for our client’s queries and our solution-oriented services help our clients to achieve their objectives.

Work Permits and Visa Application

We handle complex and hassle immigration matters. We have helped numerous clients and foreign investors to apply and ease the visa and permit such as Expatriate Employment Pass (EP), Professional Visit Pass (PVP) & others applications in Malaysia.

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